60 Minutes – “Matchmaking for Zoo Animals”

Did you see 60 Minutes last night on CBS? There was a great story about zoo animals that fits perfectly into our mission here at “Visit the Zoo” books, DVD, and podcast. The name of the story was “Matchmaking for Zoo Animals.” The story was hosted by Leslie Stahl and the running time of the segment was 26:12. It took a very comprehensive look at how zoos optimize a computer system to increase species population at their zoos and save endangered species. The segment also took a look at horrible euthanizing of a young adolescent giraffe that took last year in Denmark because of DNA conflicts. That is another story of its own that I will comment on some day.

Here is the url to go to the CBS 60 minutes website to see the entire piece. It is great look inside the inner-workings of zoos that you really should take a look at if your are interested in the animal which I assume you are because you follow this vlog, listen to our weekly podcasts, or read or listen to our “Visit the Zoo” books.



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Fred F