My Commentary on the Current Human Species, Interested?

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I have used other blogs in the past just to concentrate on my writing, my audiobooks, my DVD, or my podcast, current podcast, or selling product in my merchandise stores on Amazon and Zazzle. I am thinking about expanding this blog with my thoughts, reactions, or commentary on the current human condition or experience. Ya see, I can do this because I do have some experience with life. At 71 I’ve been through life, several careers (mainly focused on broadcast television with most of that television career at ABC-TV in Hollyweird.) and I have some experience on this mortal coil that might be interesting or might get you to thinking about where you are where and you are going. I try to stay away from the political wars, it is boring and nothing changes. But the human condition where we are in our development as one of 8.3 million species on this earth of ours, that interests me. I like to project into the future and consider the possibilities while critiquing what it is I am seeing around me locally and in the world.

Every morning I say to my wife, well I wonder what interesting or dramatic shit is gonna happen today. Every day it’s a new show opening a new premiere. Today is no different.

I am reading this morning articles about strange fast radio bursts blasting in from beyond galaxy.

I am reading this morning about a Rhino in a Mexican wild animal park that started destroyed the black sedan of one of the guests driving by, almost tipping it over.

I am reading this morning about the grand drama with Trump, the Clintons, the Manafort trial, Lebron James attacks by Trump support of Lebron James famous NBA basketball player by Trump’s wife.

I am reading and seeing some clown picture of Kim Jong Un in North Korea dressed up in all white and an all white hat looking like a marshmallow with a stupid grin on his face.

I am reading that the fire in Northern California has now become the second largest fire in the state’s history.

I am seeing a constant flow of idiotic imbecilic Progressive Insurance commercials with that sickening spokesman Flo playing the fool, I just wanna scream.

Sitting on the throne I am reading our local rag newspaper here about taxes, the election, the continuing summer heat (like duh, it’s summer,) constant road construction. Yes, I could just turn it off but it is hard to look away from a car accident and there is no Walden Pond I can retreat to and completely unplug. Our current society makes that difficult, and besides a Vacation Rental these day costs a helluva lot more than what transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau spent in 1854 to write “Walden.” He spent a little more than two years there near Concord, MA. BTW, what the hell is a transcendentalist? Does that have something to do with incisors, molars, or root canals?

So, my question to my growing blog audience here, are you interested in me expanding my words to you on this blog to comment about human life here on the third planet from the sun? My posts will be several times per week. If you go to and type in my full name, Frederick Fichman, in the search bar you will see that I have written about 120 fiction and non-fiction books. So, I do have some talents as a wordsmith and will try to give some of that to you with these life observation blogs.

Let me know, drop me a word or two on Let me know if that is something you would read. And yes, it will free and I promise no rambling discourse, just a few paragraphs to consider. No subscriptions necessary, you just come back to this blog occasionally,

And one last thought, I could very easily also post up vids to my YouTube channel as well…read or speak on camera from my office/podcast studio the blog I’ve just written. Thoughts? I promise not to scare the little children with that effort if I chose to go down that route.