Curated Content…have you heard of it? I know you have seen it. If you go to Drudge Report, well, that is curated content. He lists headlines or rewrites news story headlines he finds on the web, puts in a hyperlink to take you to those stories when you click on the headline. He DOES NOT write those stories. He curates those stories from other news sources, they are titillating and current news content that is controversial…very current, sometimes breaking. That is Curated Content. For that curated content 135+ million unique visitors go to his website at each month. That is HUGE.

So, I said to myself while constructing  my next podcast and blog here at www.vtzlife due to be uploaded in the next day or two, well hell, I can do that. I can give my blog readers and podcast listeners that same new content.

My Curated Content will not try to duplicate Drudge, too many other sites are trying to do that…chase after “Hot” News Stories. I am going to concentrate on the same subject matter that I have focused on in my weekly podcast, “Visit the Zoo” for over a year now. You can link to my “Visit the Zoo” podcast directly at my host site at You can also get the podcast, new episode every Monday, on iTunes and 12+ podcast popular directories.

Like  I said in the next day or two I will list my first list of 5 curated news articles, giving proper attribution of course, on my podcast. Here on this blog those first curated stories are listed below. The list of those stories will also be in the podcast episode description with my weekly podcast upload. And like Drudge Report you will be able to read the title of the story and click on that title and be taken directly to the story or news article source. Unlike Drudge I will post a small thumbnail photo, if there is one, with the story title AND the first paragraph or sentences for that story.

Will this catch on and will people appreciate a weekly curated  listed of stories or news articles about the Animal  World? I don’t know, but I am going to give it a try.

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So then Ladies and Gentlemen and All the Ships at Sea, from podcast episode 060 from the “Visit the Zoo” podcast here are my first batch of weekly curated stories:


Frogs, fish and small birds die in English zoo fire

A zoo in northwest England says insects, frogs, fish and small in a fire that broke out in an enclosure devoted to exotic tropical habitats.

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12-17-18 – From Episode 060, “Visit the Zoo” Podcast

Top 10 Best Zoos In The World: Must-Visit Places For Animal Lovers

 Almost every major city in the world has a zoological park for animal conservation, :our lifetime without going to a zoo. Most zoos are also important centers for research. Here we take a look at the top 10 best zoos in the world where wonderful and rare wildlife brings delight to visitors.

10- Schonbrunn Zoo, Vienna, Austria

This is arguably the oldest zoo in the world. It was built on the grounds of Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna in 1752.  

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Oakland County man charged after 6 of 31 animals at petting zoo die

OAKLAND COUNTY (WJRT) (12/13/2018) – A 32-year-old from northern Oakland County is facing animal cruelty and neglect charges after six of 31 pets he was keeping as a petting zoo died.

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It’s not just a simple doctor’s visit when the patient is a gorilla.

“You have to take all precautions,” said Ron Magill, Zoo Miami’s spokesman, adding that some zoo staff are trained to shoot to kill if an animal attacks. “Safety is always our first priority.”

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Can animals detect earthquakes?

The U.S. Geological Survey said there is evidence dating back to 373 BC that shows animals can sense earthquakes and other natural disasters before they happen.

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Letter of Recommendation: Stuffed Animals…even for adults!

Every night I spend a few minutes catching up with my friends. I saw them during the day — maybe one rode along with me on my long commute, or relaxed nearby while I worked from home. But this last check-in closes the evening nicely. I talk to them, imagine what they might be thinking. I pick them up and play out their whims.

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