Visit the Zoo Podcast Episode 063 Just Uploaded – The Raven, Top 10 Zoos in the World…and Coffee

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1-7-19 – From Episode  063, “Visit the Zoo Podcast”

On a walk across the world, animals carry life lessons—not just cargo

Retracing our ancestors’ path on foot, writer and explorer Paul Salopek reflects on the grace of his four-legged companions.

Writer and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek’s Out of Eden Walk is a storytelling odyssey across the world in the footsteps of our human forebears. This is his latest dispatch from northern India.

“Come, sir.”

It’s the man helping me bury Raju.

Raju was my pack donkey. A tough little animal, he accompanied me a thousand miles across northern India, until an unnameable fever struck him down. The man assisting me pile rocks atop Raju’s body is a laborer, a member of India’s lower castes, a so-called untouchable. Many Hindus believe it is not wise to display strong emotions at the scene of a death. Open expressions of grief or longing might entangle the departing spirit on our earthly plane—prevent it from escaping samsara, the painful cycle of dying and rebirth.

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Toads on a python, and five other animals hitching rides on bigger animals

Cane toads are just one animal that hops on another species for a ride.

This week, heavy rains and flooding in Australia flushed a small army of cane toads out of their burrows. In an attempt to escape rising waters, 10 of those toads hitched a ride on an 11-foot olive python as it slithered away at top speed, as documented by local man Andrew Mock and reported by The Guardian.

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United Tightens Rules on  Emotional Support Animals

United has announced that effective Jan. 7 there will be new rules on emotional support animals. The new policy seems to be a carbon copy of the one Delta enacted only a couple of months ago.

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Animals In Captivity: Questions Raised After Lion And Rhinoceros Incidents

Audio from WBUR

Two incidents this week — the hospitalization of a 2-year-old after she stumbled into a rhinoceros enclosure at a Florida zoo, and the death of a 22-year-old intern during a routine cleaning of a lion enclosure at a North Carolina wildlife center — have sparked conversations about the safety and ethics of keeping wild animals in captivity

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Operation Noah’s Ark: About 200 animals seized from Redland Farm

Operation Noah’s Ark: About 200 animals seized from Redlands facility

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – Police have seized around 200 animals, including several exotic species, from a farm in Southwest Miami-Dade.

The animals were rescued by court order from the five-acre facility located in the Redland, near Homestead, Thursday.

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